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Sander kapper bij hairlem kapper in haarlem


All-round Topstylist, Owner and Trainer

As a stylist you immediately relate to everyone who walks through the door. Everyone has or wants to develop a sense of style. How they choose to wear their hair is always an essential part of this.

‘I like people who are free thinkers with their own style. I enjoy using my skills to affirm their style and am not daunted by challenging hair types.’

kareen kapper bij hairlem kappers in Haarlem


All-round Topstylist and Manager

A topstylist ensures that a hairstyle looks right and knows how to style curly hair in a way that does it justice.

‘No curl is too wild for me. I discuss the possibilities with my clients and explain how I think their hair will look best. I love what I do. I am also fond of humour and enjoy interacting with people who are real.’

cecilia kapper bij hairlem kappers in haarlem


All-round Senior Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Colour Specialist

Every salon needs a colour specialist.

‘I love being creative with colour, incorporating pinks and glitter. I like working magic with make-up. I also enjoy styling long hair and completing the look with an expertly blow-dried finish.’

Maud kapper bij Hairlem kappers in Haarlem


All-round Stylist

When several clients always choose to have their hair cut by you it’s a recommendation that speaks for itself.

‘I really enjoy the challenge of braiding or pinning up long hair. I like being innovative and exploring new dimensions of hair styling.’



Specialises in allround colouring techniques and women haircuts.

‘I’m a perfectionist and I love my job. So I’m always thrilled when clients love the effect that hair colour has on their look.’



Specialises in allround colouring techniques and men haircuts.

‘Contact with people is a must, just as creating haircuts for our customers.’


Basic Colorist

Specialises in colouring techniques. These days colour is an integral part of almost any style regardless of the length.

‘Calm, stylish and precise. Those are words I recognize myself in’